In this colourful virtual museum you will find collections of art works made by artists who have stepped into the scientific world and have found inspiration.

Computers, machines, brains, botany, hospitals, portraits of doctors, addiction, molecules, atoms, magnetic resonance imaging, geometry and mathematics, natural history, physics and chemistry. Psychiatry and neuroscience, sea life , fractals, acids and crystal structures all have a place in this virtual museum of art.

I am delighted to say that having spent 25 years in a medical career based on evidence and research I have now decided to curate this virtual global museum in order to do something rather different and more spontaneous.

I am keeping my day job as psychiatrist and neuroscientist, this blog is my way of bringing together all the beautiful artwork I come across and offering it to you wherever you may be on this planet.

No methodology.

No evidence base

No peer reviewing

Just a bunch of beautiful art made by beautiful minds, uploaded whenever I come across it, as long as science and art are the key ingredients.

I welcome Blog Angels from all over the world to send in any science inspired art they come across and love. Email me at :

The Curator.

July 2014