Helen Bridges 2016 "Windows in Majors"

Commissioned by CW+

Photos: Langdon

It was on a tour of the Chelsea and Westminster Art Collection this week that I stopped and stared at these colourful windows. Visible to the outside world across the atrium of the hospital, they hide pain and human tragedy as behind the glass are the emergency rooms. The beautiful and calming images of plants are also seen by the patients from within the treatment rooms. 

In my early years of training as a junior doctor at the C&W hospital I was often walking through those public areas, especially at night when on call. The old windows used to be just plain and grey. My surprise and delight at what a well commissioned piece of art can do to literally transform the environment in an emotional way was overwhelming, I stood for some time taking it all in. Well done Helen Bridges and may the great work of the charity CW+ continue to provide solace and beauty in places of suffering.