Having been absent from this blog for the summer months while writing the first part of a book about Addiction I have been compelled to start posting images again by the sight of orangutans painting abstract colourful canvases.

Orangutans share 97% of our DNA, less than chimps who share 99% but research from 2011 found that in orangutans' genetic makeup there are genetic sequences that resemble more closely our human ones.  

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has four orangutans and has trained the animals to enjoy art classes by reinforcing the holding of a paintbrush and the painting of the canvas with food gifts. After a few sessions they come to absolutely love the art classes and are unstoppable.

The zoo is now selling their artwork and the wonderful thing is that 50% of the proceeds go towards orangutan conservation.

Here is an example of their work:

Available from the website:


Good to be back providing you all with The Art of Science gems, send me any images you have come across and thank you to the artists who have sent in their work.