Photo from Metro article on Hungry Ghosts CD.

My geeky inner self had a joyous experience whilst commuting home on a packed tube train reading the New Yorker this week.I loved this enterprise so much I had to stop myself from sharing it with my fellow travellers there ans then.

Damian Kulash is the lead singer of OK Go, a band who is releasing an album called Hungry Ghosts by coding the songs on DNA.

Collaborating with Sri Kosuri, a biochemist , they are translating digital music files into the A-C-T-G language of DNA 

Kosuri converted a book into DNA in 2012 and converting music follows a similar process.

The music fans will receive a plastic vial containg a few drops of water in which a few nanograms of DNA will be store- the equivalent of a hundred thousand copies of the album Hungry Ghosts.

( Article from New Yorker 'The Musical Life'  24th Nov 2014 by Andrew Marantz)