October 2014: spent five days in Japan giving two lectures on Pathological Gambling at the International Society of Addiction Medicine  conference in Yokohama, Japan.

By chance their Triennale was showing at the two main Art Museums of the city. 

I found the most exciting selection of artists amongst whom several had created works that somehow fitted my blog beautifully.

The entries have been made separately but here is a list of names :

Sakagami Chiyuki

Edward Kienholz

Gim Hing Sok

Vija Celmins

Isa Genzken

and my favourite, absolutely heavenly glass artist, Ritsue Mishima.

Yasmine Kabir and Ronni Ahmend's short film is actually about a ship breaking yard in Chittagong but as it was the best short I have seen all year I will include it under the category ' Steel' .

Thank you Japan for the best five days of academic and intellectual stimulation as well as a first class Triennale.